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Transparent, secure and fair

Digital bidding solutions for real estate sales

PropNow digitises the entire sales and purchase offer process between agent, buyer and seller and helps to find the optimal market price in the shortest possible time.

Our results and the satisfaction of our customers speak for themselves. See for yourself!




This is how it works

PropNow automates the purchase offer management process between agent, buyer and seller, thereby making both price-finding and offer submission easier, more transparent and fairer for all parties involved.

Simple preparation

  • As a real estate agent, you market your property as before and conduct initial customer discussions and viewings.
  • In just 5 minutes, you can then start your offer process online and invite interested parties. Our software and our team support you all the way, so that no questions remain unanswered.

Online offer submission

  • Every selected buyer receives a personal invitation by email/SMS
  • Via their personal link, every invited buyer can view all documents about the property online and submit their own purchase offer and follow the process in real-time.
  • All participants are constantly kept up to date by email/SMS.

Successful completion

  • The offer process ends automatically at the predefined time.
  • As an agent, you will receive an overview of all purchase offers submitted.
  • After the seller has reviewed all offers and has taken his final sales decision, all participants will be notified immediately.
  • The transaction is closed with the final (notarised) sales contract.

Some of our partners

Real Estate Platform

Types of offer processes

Two types, suitable for every market situation


Prospective buyers can gradually place bids from a fixed starting price and increase them as often as they like. All offers placed are openly visible, but bidder names are anonymised to protect everyone’s privacy. The bidding time is automatically extended if a new offer is received in the last 15 minutes before the scheduled end, so that everyone gets a fair chance to react and submit their own best offer.


Each invited buyer can place a single offer of any amount. All bidders and bids are hidden until the end. There is no extension of the bidding period. Only after the bidding process has ended all bids will be disclosed to the agent and seller.



Our digital bidding solutions provide clear benefits to sellers, buyers and real estate agents alike.

As a professional real estate seller or developer, you can also benefit from our digital price-finding and offer management solutions: Whether you sell real estate as an individual agent, as part of a brokerage network, or as a property developer - we offer innovative solutions, fully adapted to your needs.

Advantages for Sellers

  • More potential participants means more dynamic demand
  • Achieving optimal market prices eliminates risk of selling below value
  • Faster sales processes ensure quicker flow of money
  • Full market transparency enables fact-based sales decision
  • Seller freely decides about the acceptance of the offer
  • Risk-free as you can benefit from all advantages at no extra cost

Advantages for Buyers

  • Make an offer easily and digitally - conveniently from home or on the go
  • Transparent price-finding creates trust
  • Fair chance to submit own best offer
  • Secure as only prequalified customers are invited to join
  • Always up to date thanks to automated communication
  • Real joy of buying, thanks to a fair process with low risk of overpaying
  • Free of charge

Advantages for Agents

  • Automation of administrative sales process saves time
  • Full customer service even with large number of participants
  • Faster sales result in quicker commission payments
  • Transparency increases customer trust and satisfaction
  • Satisfied customers mean better online reviews and ratings
  • Unique acquisition tool facilitates signing of new listings
  • Fair pricing thanks to variable, success-based fee
  • No risk: No purchase offers submitted, no costs for you
Our fees are success-based and fair



  • Usage is 100% free of charge


  • Usage is 100% free of charge


  • Variable and success-based usage fee of 0.15% of the the highest bid submitted
  • No cost, if no purchase offer is submitted
  • No setup or hidden charges

Business solutions

We provide a wide range of tailor-made software solutions for real estate sales: from prestigious live auctions for individual prime properties to segment- or project-specific solutions for the sale of land, new constructions, large residential developments or special properties to fully integrated, white-label sales solutions for international brokerage networks and regional real estate agents. All our business solutions are offered as a risk-free "software-as-a-service" solution.


The results achieved and the satisfaction of our customers speak for themselves

18 %
price increase

We achieve an average 18 percent price increase between the first and the highest bid. This is best market pricing.


So far, over 5,000 digital offer processes have already been successfully completed by our professional customers.

30 %
time saving

Agents save on average over 30% of their time thanks to digitised process flows, which means more time for business development.

50 %
faster sales

Agents achieve up to 50% faster sales with our digital offer process, which means faster cash for sellers.